Month: July 2017

Rivervixen 2017 lineup

Leslie Mariah Andrews and Leanka Harris Kaanoi are Rivervixen, as of July 1, 2017. We like to always thank Miss Guided and Small Wonder Experience members Tara Young, Grant Young, Thom Cat, Jennifer Irvine, Miriam Taylor, James Yockey, Daniel Powers and the late Roland Gagne for all your love and good will. And now it’s time for Kwazy Kitty and Easy Peasy to be who we were meant to be….


RIVERVIXEN DEBUT JULY 22, 2017 @ JT SALOON (With Girl Fry, Do Wrong Right)

RIVERVIXEN will debut on Saturday, July 22 at the Joshua Tree Saloon featuring LMA and Leanka Harris-Kaanoi, of Miss Guided and Cynthia Manley Band fame. Please stay tuned and catch us! The JOSHUA TREE SALOON located at the corner of Park Blvd and Highway 62 in downtown Joshua Tree!!! Special thanks to Girl Fry and Do Wrong Right for inviting us!