A FAMILY A-FAIR- Rivervixen and Beatnik Lounge PRESENT

Help Dan and Mona from Joshua Tree establish a new home and stand up against social injustice! Sunday March 25 at 6PM…



RIVERVIXEN (Leslie and Lea Pea) would love to wish all our fans a happy and prosperous 2018! May the troubles of the past year be behind us and never plague us again. Rivervixen looks forward to our first big journey very soon going places we have yet to bring our music to ever before! Sit tight and enjoy the ride, fans. LOVE RIVERVIXEN 12/31/2017


Rivervixen, aka Leslie and Leanka have had a challenging 2017 with so many changes and letting go of past events and adapting to new ones. We wish for the close of this year to be a very blissful one and may Eternal Bliss be the case for 2018! New album hopefully will be recorded soon, perhaps our first tour? Let’s see…

Rivervixen 2017 lineup

Leslie Mariah Andrews and Leanka Harris Kaanoi are Rivervixen, as of July 1, 2017. We like to always thank Miss Guided and Small Wonder Experience members Tara Young, Grant Young, Thom Cat, Jennifer Irvine, Miriam Taylor, James Yockey, Daniel Powers and the late Roland Gagne for all your love and good will. And now it’s time for Kwazy Kitty and Easy Peasy to be who we were meant to be….